521. Day 7 | The Bund

Nanjing Road Shanghai
We are currently at my aunt and uncle's house in Shanghai. We're staying here with them for a few more days then we head to Hong Kong! We're having a great time so far, despite the rain. It rained for the past day and a half non-stop..and the forecast for the next few days (until after we leave) is rain as well every day. There's a second typhoon coming in Hong Kong so when we get there it will be rainy as well...:( Today we had more of a relaxing day (compared to the days on our tour). We had lunch at a Japanese restaurant then settled in at their place, then went for a walk around The Bund and Nanjing Road. Shanghai has a lot of beautiful and colourful buildings. I really love it!!

Shanghai Bund
Fairmont Peace on the Bund
At the Fairmont Peace Hotel

The salad from the Japanese restaurant was amazing!! Everything was so fresh and delicious. The restaurant was authentic Japanese style. We weren't allowed to wear shoes in.

Shanghai at night

Like yesterday, I will end this on an update on the toilet situation. Today at the Japanese restaurant and even at the house we have those advanced Japanese toilets. Quite a nice change. Makes me want to get one for my place now. 


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  1. The food looks really delicious indeed!


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